News & Announcements


Counselor assignments are by last name.
A – Dr  Anne Schonauer
Du-Kr  Christine Todd
Ku-Rog  Marissa Meadows
Roh-Z  Susan Martin

End of the First Quarter
Quarter grades were posted Friday, Oct 15 in Canvas and Aeries. Report cards were mailed home to families that are not observers in Canvas. Students that drop classes now will receive an F on their transcript. Sports eligibility was checked on Thursday/Friday of last week. Students need a 2.0 GPA and no more than 2 “F” grades. Ineligible students were able to play over the weekend, but will not be able to play in any games after Oct 18.

Counselor Appointments
Counselors are checking in with all 9th graders during October. We want to start getting to know them and help them as best we can! We are always seeing any student for drop in appointments.

October is the Letter of Recommendation Writing Season!
Counselors are busy working on writing letters of recommendation for their students with ED/EA deadlines of Nov 1. If you are applying early to a school that needs a counselor letter, please see your counselor ASAP!

Ordering Official Transcripts for College Applications
Please go here for step by step instructions if you or your student needs to order transcripts to be sent to colleges. Official transcripts are sent electronically in most cases, so physical addresses are not necessary.