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Co-Presidents’ Message

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special Dons Moms! Our families and community are fortunate to have so many supportive, engaged moms supporting all things Acalanes – especially Moms who are working hard to recognize their seniors. 

The second Dons Dialogue Webinar was as equally successful as the first and we appreciate the almost 200 parents who took the time to participate. If you missed it and would like to check out the content, you can find a webinar video here.  

Principal Bell provided an overview of the current plan for the Class of 2020 Graduation during the webinar and the good news is there will indeed be a live graduation on campus! While it won’t look the same as graduations in year’s past, our seniors will have the chance to walk across the stage and receive their diploma on Thursday, June 4. We are fortunate that Mr. Bell and his leadership team have figured out a way to let our seniors safely walk while so many schools across the state have migrated to a postponed or virtual graduation. 

The Community Can’t Be Canceled campaign continues in earnest with the following efforts:

  • AUHSD Food Drive The drive met and exceeded every expectation raising over $16.5K along with a donation of 4,500 pounds of food (2,800 from the AHS food bins). AUHSD was the TOP fundraising team in the area thanks to you opening up your wallets and pantries to support the effort. 
  • Lafayette Community Foundation Matching Grants Program LCF has raised a record $45,000 in the month of April which includes AHS family donations! This will allow LCF to award more than $120K in grants to nonprofits in the next several weeks. 
  • Paint the Town Blue Cowgirl Parade! Tomorrow, May 11, the Farmyard Darlings will be “Painting the Town Blue” by parading through Lafayette on horseback arriving at The Coop 32 at 12:30pm followed by stops at Zoonies (horses love peppermint) and Diablo Foods. While practicing social distancing, you can check out their twist on Community Can’t Be Canceled!

Finally, we’d like to acknowledge the talented AHS student winners of the Project LPIE. From photography to essay writing and so much more, you can check out the student award winners here

Dawn Brightbill and Sarah Cusumano