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Acalanes Community Always (ACA)

The Acalanes Parents Club would like to thank the following APC Board members who are stepping down from their role or graduating from Acalanes. APC is grateful for their dedication to making our community stronger and our school a better place for all of our students.
Thank you!

Past President/Parliamentarian – Angela Ketcham (now Co-Director, Peer Tutoring)
VP Communications – Lisa Spiegler
Secretary – Audra Fraioli (now Co-Hospitality Coordinator)
Assistant Treasurer – Kathleen Brekke
Co-LPIE AHS School Chair and Newsletter Content Coordinator – Jennifer Palmer
Co-Hospitality Coordinators – Kim Siegel & Marlene Peacock
Grants Coordinator – Catherine Habas
Co-Dons Day Coordinators – Meredith Meade & Mary Beth Towery
Volunteer Coordinator – Melanie Brinkman
Co-Parent Education – Emilie Gunnison & Alisa Patatucci
Student Awards Coordinator – Amy Norstad
DEI Liaison – Rupy Krishnan
Senior Class Liaisons – Jen Fish (now Newsletter Content Coordinator)
Angela Ketcham, Kristin McPhail & Jill Milnes