February is Black History Month
Our Black Student Union (BSU) will be hosting events throughout the month. Encourage your student to attend 1 or 2 as we celebrate and recognize black history.

Due Tuesday: Leadership Applications 2020-2021
Is your student interested in joining leadership? Applications are now available (posted on school loop in the news section as a google form). Leadership is an A-G elective and a great way to get more involved in the school, and impact school culture.

Thursday, Feb 13 Spring Blood Drive
There is a national blood shortage. Consider donating blood at our spring blood drive on Thursday, Feb 13. It runs from 8am to 2pm with time slots every 15 minutes. Sign up today! We are short 15 donors!

Feb 18 through 22: Random Acts of Kindness Week

  • Tuesday lunch: Kindness to friends (rock painting)
  • Wednesday lunch: Kindness to yourself (bring change to mind & yoga)
  • Thursday lunch: Kindness to staff (write notes to staff)
  • Friday lunch: Kindness to peers (dare to be kind)
  • Saturday from 1-3pm: Kindness to the community (campus clean-up from 1-3)

Friday, Feb 28 Spring Rally & Dance
Save the date! It is going to be one to remember!

Parent Chaperones Needed on Saturday, Feb 21 and Saturday, Feb 28
We are looking for chaperones for 2 dances this month: Saturday, Feb 21 (10th grade Quad City) and Saturday, Feb 28 (Ball Out Acalanes). Please email Katherine Walton if you are willing to chaperone. Both dances are from 7-9pm in the big gym.