Co-Associate Principals’ Message

Wonderful Dons Community,

What a month this has been. We started March excited to plan the Spring and are ending it dealing with something none of us have ever experienced. We know how hard this has been for all of us, especially our students. If you have not already, please follow @ahs_dons on Instagram and our Blueprint Online to help stay connected. We are proud to see what our community is doing right now to take care of one another in these unprecedented times.

Please take the next week to take care of yourselves, we look forward to connecting after spring break.

Go Dons,
Andrea Powers and Mike Plant
#communitycantbecanceld #DonsShowUp #LoveLafayette

Also, here’s Principal Bell and Associate Principals Andrea Powers and Mike Plant wishing all Dons students a safe and healthy spring break. Watch their message here.

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Food Service – For All Students!

Two school sites in our District, Las Lomas High School and Campolindo High School, will be providing food to all community members Monday through Friday from 11am to 1pm.  Meals can be picked up at the cafeteria windows. 

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School and District Updates

We continue to encourage you to check your emails and texts for important information from the school and district about the Coronavirus. You can also find information on the AHS Coronavirus Update & Postponed Events page as well as the AUHSD (District) home page.

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Friday, Feb 21 APC Dons Dialogue

Friday, Feb 21, 8:45-10am, Acalanes Collaboration Center

Join us for another Dons Dialogue this Friday. Topics include:

  • Department updates from Math, Special Education and Career Tech Ed
  • California State (CAASPP) Math Assessment Report
  • Restorative Practices as a Response to Student Discipline

As always, parking will be reserved in the small lot adjacent to the gym, and refreshments will be served. See you there.


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DONS SHOW UP Calendar  

Support for one another on campus!  Please check out the Dons Show Up calendar (on the homepage of the Acalanes website). Thank you for showing up!

This week’s highlights:    

  •  Wednesday  Open Mic Night at Sideboard at 6 pm
  • All Week   Exciting NCS and CIF playoff action in girls tennis, boys and girls water polo and football all week long! Check the sports section below for details.           

It’s a great week to be a Don!

Don’t miss November’s communications video! It debuted last Wednesday and is full of announcements about student activities.

Peek at the week (all activities during lunch)

  • Monday: Junior bonding in between the gyms
  • Tuesday: Sophomore bonding in the front quad
  • Monday through Wednesday: Senior dodgeball in the big gym
  • Thursday: Frosh Fall Festival in frosh quad
  • ALL Week: Students can write grateful leaves for fellow students and staff and hang them on the grateful tree in the front quad.
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Ted Talk: Ovrcomoming

High school students are fatigued for a lot of good reasons including too little sleep and a body clock that would prefer to stay up late and sleep in. Another significant factor is psychological fatigue. You know that wiped-out feeling you have after a long day at work? Teenagers get that too. The toll of several features of adolescence– high intensity emotions, exercising self-control, and high intensity negative thinking is incredibly draining. And on top of all that, their work is demanding. The key to overcoming psychological fatigue is by finding calm and the best way to get calm is by using breathwork. This TED Talk is a great place to explore the connection and find tips to get started. 

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First quarter progress reports

The end of the first quarter was Oct. 11.  Grades will be updated in School Loop by Wednesday Oct. 16.  Progress reports are only mailed if no parent is registered in School Loop. 


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